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During these unprecedented times, Fluidigm remains dedicated to supporting you with our products, technologies and expertise to enable global research on multiple frontiers of health and life sciences. We are committed to sharing new information and findings virtually, through a series of webinars and online events. We are here to help: Please contact your sales representative or field applications specialist with any questions or concerns you may have.

Virtual Events

19-20 August: SSAI Annual Congress

August 19, 09:00 CET

Language: English
Presenter: TBC

26 August: Scientist in the Spotlight – Nicole Strittmatter

August 26, 13:00 CET

Language: English
Presenter: Nicole Strittmatter

28-31 August: ISREC-SCCL Symposium 2021

July 28, 09:00 CET

Language: English
Presenter: TBC

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All our virtual events are saved in our online archive. You can access these at any time and contact the team with any
questions you might have; we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

8 December: Profiling Three Layers of Human Immunity With CyTOF, Olink and Automated RNA-Seq

Language: English
Presenter: Petter Brodin (PhD) and Roberto Spada

16-17 February: EACR – Defense is the Best Attack: Immuno-Oncology Breakthroughs

Language: English
Presenter: Noel F.C.C de Miranda

24 February: Scientist in the Spotlight: Bernd Bodenmiller

Language: English
Presenter: Bernd Bodenmiller

25 March: Coupling Machine Learning and High-Throughput Digital PCR to Enable Multipathogen Detection

Language: English
Presenter: Nick Jordan and Jesus Rodriguez Manzano and Luca Miglietta

26 April: Scientist in Spotlight – Chotima Böttcher

Language: English
Presenter: Chotima Böttcher

22 June: Scientist in the Spotlight – Cédric Pastoret

Language: English
Presenter: Cédric Pastoret

29 June: Introducing the CyTOF XT

Language: English
Presenter: Roberto Spada

28 June: Scientist in the Spotlight – Mayan Briller

Language: English
Presenter: Mayan Briller

30 June: Journal Highlights – A Nanofluidic Approach to Serotyping Streptococcus Pneumoniae

Language: English
Presenter: Courtney Olwagen

15 July: Journal Highlights – Characterising Phenotypic Diversity in a Large Biobank of Breast Cancer Xenografts and Its Impact on Drug Response

Language: English
Presenter: Dimitra Georgopoulou

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